Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I find an authorized Current Coasters dealer?

Simply click on our Dealers page. If you don’t see a dealer in your area, you can make your purchase securely here online. Please ask your local bicycle shop, sporting goods or boutique store to carry Current Coasters.

How can I become an authorized dealer or distributor?

Current is actively seeking new dealers throughout North America and distributors around the world. If your organization would be interested in carrying Current Coasters and our growing line-up of accessories, please send us an email at

Is riding a Current Coaster easier than a bike?

Let’s get one thing straight – we at Current L-O-V-E cycling and support our cycling community.  That said, sometimes life is just easier (and better!) on a Current Coaster. 

Without any prior experience or instruction, you can step right onto a Current Coaster and ride. No gears to adjust, no rough pedals, no greasy or fouled chains, and no saddle to mount (and dismount). At high speed or slow-mo, its slim profile, smooth tires and low center of gravity get you from Point A to B like nobody’s business.

Am I the right size or age for a Current Coaster?

Probably so.  The Current Coaster is built with a stated weight capacity of 225 pounds (~102 kg), with a minimum recommended age of 14 years. Please read the Owner’s Manual closely for safety precautions.

How do I assemble my Current Coaster?

The Current Coaster comes partially assembled, and with the proper tools, should only take about 15-20 minutes to complete out-of-the-box. In our efforts to spare a few more trees and keep prices down, the Owner’s Manual is available online. For more details click here

Here are a couple extra tips:  

1) Handlebar Insertion:  The handlebar stems are purposely a tight fit. While standing in front of the Coaster to hold the wheel/fork tightly, simultaneously push down and twist back and forth on the handlebar. Continue pushing and twisting until the minimum insertion marks (a series of little lines) have sunk below the head set nuts.

2) Caliper Brake Adjustment: i) Loosen capped nut nearest the bottom end of the brake line. ii) With fingers, pull the brake line up until it almost reaches the crimped end. iii) Tighten the capped nut.  iv) Insert the top end of the brake line into the underside of the brake lever. v) Once inserted in the lever, string into the hollow screws alongside the lever (they can be turned so they both open) and twist the open screws closed.  (At this point the brake level, when pulled, will feel too loose.) vi) Loosen the capped nut again (see i.) vii) While pinching each side of the brake pads against the rims of the front wheel, pull down most of the excess brake line from below the capped nut. viii) Tighten the capped nut and test the brake lever. Adjust as desired.

I noticed that the ground clearance seems a little lower over time. Why is that?

Yes, the Current Coaster’s steel frame is intended to flex, which adds to its smooth ride.  As a by-product of the flexibility, the clearance will adjust to the ultimate design height. We build the Coasters a little high for this reason.

What about replacement parts?

Current Coasters are built to last. Should you need replacement tubes, tires and grips, they are widely available. Please contact an authorized dealer, who can assist you with installation. If you don’t have a dealer near you, you can purchase them from the Current online store. For replacement wheelsets, decks or other proprietary parts, please contact us at

Does the Current Coaster come with a warranty?

Absolutely.  Please reference the warranty, included in the Owner’s Manual. To activate your warranty and help us reach you in the event of a recall, please Register your Current Coaster as soon as possible.

How soon will my order ship?

Most orders will leave our warehouse within 1-2 days. Domestic ground shipping times typically vary from 2-6 days, depending on where you live. For an additional charge, express shipping can get it there faster.

I live outside the United States. Can you ship Internationally?

We gladly accept international orders. Please email your request to us (, including the items you would like to purchase, your name, your complete mailing address, including postal code. We will respond as soon as possible.

Does the Current Coaster fold?

The Current Coaster does not fold, but its slim frame requires very little space. See, “How do I transport my Current Coaster?”

How do I transport my Current Coaster?

The Current Coaster fits on virtually all tray style bicycle racks, which are typically roof or hitch mounted. It also fits easily in vans, pick-ups, many SUV’s and 1960’s Cadillac’s. Depending on the width of your “fork” style racks, the Current Coaster may also be loaded upside down, allowing the deck to rest on the rack’s forks.

Is the Current Coaster street legal?

Depending on where you ride, some cities will treat the Coaster as an extension of you, a pedestrian. Other cities may treat the Coaster as a bicycle. If you have a concern, call your local police department for more information.

How does the Current Coaster compare to mini kick-scooters (i.e. urethane wheeled scooters) and similar products?

Unlike toy scooters that are made for children, Current Coasters are built for teens and adults. The Current Coaster features a spacious deck, full-size bicycle tires and ergonomic, adjustable handlebars. With it’s low-resistance tires and proprietary frame design, the Current Coaster delivers a ride that you have to experience to believe!

How did you name the colors?

With the exception of “Electric Green”, the colors were named after prominent ocean currents from around the world.

Can I customize my Coaster with different colored frames, fenders, side panels, etc.?

 Yes! Just not yet. We hope to offer you online customization in early 2014. For now, we hope you find a colorway that moves you!

How about Current Coaster specifications?

Click the .pdf link here for specifications.

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